banq | office da

5 02, 2009 | arquitectura, interiorismo | por: toto

© johnhorner photography

diseñado por office da, banq, ubicado en boston, tiene una atmósfera singular gracias a sus capas curvas de madera contrachapada sobre el cielo que crean una topografía acogedora sobre las mesas de bambú reciclado. este restaurante nos recuerda al rosso pero llevado al extremo.

© johnhorner photography

© johnhorner photography

© johnhorner photography

© johnhorner photography

© johnhorner photography

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comentario de Martin Lewis
6, 02, 2009,

Wow! I would love to see that for real.

comentario de tim
6, 02, 2009,

hey i loved those pictures, really turned me on, i love it how u guys do this.. its amazing. i found this article through stubmleupon, if i werent gay i’d come over and treat u nicely

comentario de Robert
6, 02, 2009,

This is a total rip-off of the Stack restaurant done by a notable German office.

comentario de Brayer
6, 02, 2009,

Yeah, Graft is the office that did Stack. The restaurant is in Las Vegas. This Officeda project is very similar.

comentario de Lisa
6, 02, 2009,

Robert, you are quite wrong in your brash reactionary comment. Even just looking at pictures of the two spaces it is obviously a huge departure from Stack, different methods used, different visual outcome. The layering is really the only similarity.

comentario de jeff
6, 02, 2009,

very cool que bella

comentario de Saruca
6, 02, 2009,

Wow that would be extremely difficult to clean.

comentario de Pedro
6, 02, 2009,

Visually engaging but very impractical.

comentario de capncronic
6, 02, 2009,

As cool as it looks, it’s a waste of wood.

comentario de Deepikapub
7, 02, 2009,

great restaurent!!

comentario de amancio ferreira
8, 02, 2009,

desiger espetacular,inclusive a fabicação do mesmo!!!

comentario de aidan
9, 02, 2009,

wow..this is really amazing,..realllly amazing!!thumbs up!

comentario de Lollie Dot Com
9, 02, 2009,

How does it affect sound? Does it make a busy room full of people sound quiet? Or is it more likely to make an ordinary voice sound heavenly?

comentario de Davor Molnar
9, 02, 2009,

I’m also interested how does this affect the sound

comentario de Max Gizmo
9, 02, 2009,

That looks very nice although a project like that would cost millions

comentario de Geert
11, 02, 2009,

wow, its looks great! but then.. the mirror behind the bar… THAT makes it work. the mirror really makes it perfect

comentario de Elizzzabeth
11, 02, 2009,

Fantastic and inspiring… I love it, thanks

comentario de Elizzzabeth
11, 02, 2009,

And acoustically great too? I’m imagining that’s one hard surfaced restaurant you could actually hear properly in too?

comentario de Jooooooooohnathannnnn
14, 02, 2009,

man I hate it when people photoshop stuff and pass it off as real and actually fool a bunch of idiots into believing it’s real.

comentario de Online Hry
15, 02, 2009,

I looks very nice, very ogygen, clean and organic …

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comentario de Peikko Saari
9, 03, 2009,

as to the acoustics: careful observation shows that these panels are more like ‘clothing’ for this space. these panels are not packed tightly on top of one another and i’m very sure that this is much quieter than a similiar sized spaced with solid walls and ceilings.

comentario de Smith
28, 03, 2009,

What a Waste of Wood

27, 04, 2009,

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4, 06, 2009,

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comentario de Will Smith
20, 06, 2009,

what a pretty restaurant it is!! i want to have a Candlelight dinner with my wife there!!!

comentario de ??? ????
19, 09, 2009,

I have been there – Boston rules in vogue trends!

comentario de Tiffany 
29, 12, 2009,

What a restaurant .This looks like heaven to me.

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